A.B.Shah, ( Executive Secretary, Indian Committee for Cultural Freedom ) letter to Malay Roychoudhury

Bombay, 27th January 1965

Dear Mr Roychoudhury

I met the Deputy Commissioner of Police the day after we met at the Office of the Radical Humanist at Calcutta. I was told that they would not have liked to bother themselves with the ‘Hungry Generation’ movement but for the fact that a number of citizens to whom the writings of your group were made available, insisted on some action being taken.

With kind regards


( It is time for researchers to dig up the files in Police Archive of Lalbazar, Kolkata to find out as to who were these so-called ‘citizens’ who provoked the administration to humiliate eleven poets, arrest six of them, handcuff them, tie rope around their waist for further humiliation and chargesheet one of them for a two year court ordeal. )

Innaiah with A B ShahA B Shah is third from left. Others are members of Radical Humanist group.


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