Utpalkumar Basu’s legal declaration in the Hungryalist trial

Statement dated 5th April 1965 of Utpalkumar Basu, son of Late P.K.Bose of 23 Royd Street, Calcutta 26.

I am a bachelor and aged about 28  years. At present I am living at 23 Royd Street. I am M.Sc. in Geology and attached to Ashutosh College as a Lecturer.

In or about 1962 the publication of Hungry Generation first came to my notice. I was interested in Literary Movements. Later I came to know Malay Roychoudhury ; and his elder brother Samir Roychoudhury was known to me from before. The College Street Coffee House was rendezvous  of this group and in course of time I came to know other Hungry Generation writers namely Saileswar, Subhas and Debi Roy ( alias Haradhon Dhara ), and on their request I  contributed several articles and poem in the Hungry Generation booklets brought out from time to time. I had no idea as to where from these wre printed and who financed the publication.

In 1964 during summer Malay came down to Calcutta from Patna and requested me to contribute article in the booklet which he was contemplating to bring out. I contributed an article entitled Kusanskar (  কুসংস্কার ). I personally made over the manuscript to Malay. Thereafter I left Calcutta for Dalhousie and stayed there for about 2 months. On my return to Calcutta I saw a copy of this booklet in the College Street Coffee House. Later I also received another copy by post.

According to my estimation the writings of Malay Roychoudhury carry a sense of disgust and nonsense. I feel that their Literary Movement degenerated into depravity, and I have disassociated myself from the Hungry Generation. I had occasions to see the handwriting of Malay.

( Utpalkumar Basu’s name did figure in the FIR lodged on 2nd September 1964. He was, however, not arrested. Nevertheless, he was dismissed from his Lecturer’s job at the Ashutosh College  [evening branch known as Jogmaya Devi College ] for having been associated with the Hungryalist Movement. He has not clarified as to why he volunteered to become a police witness against the movement; whether there was any quid pro quo; or who were the persons in the Establishment who exerted pressure on him. It may be noted that he recorded this statement quite late on 5th April 1965. )



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