Sandipan Chattopadhyay’s legal declaration in Hungryalist Trial

Statement dated 15th March 1965 of Sandipan Chatterjee ( 30 ) , son of U. N. Chjatterjee of 18 Sarada Chatterjee Lane, Howrah.

I am a graduate of Calcutta University and employed as an Assistant Inspector, Calcutta Corporation. I am also a writer and used to visit the College Street Coffee House where young writers of Calcutta generally assembled in the evening. Samir Roychoudhury is a personal friend of mine. I came to know the sponsors of Hungry Generation, namely Shakti Chatterjee, Malay Roychoudhury and others.  Although I am not directly connected with the Hungry Generation but I was interested in the literary movement> some of the manifesto of the Hungry Generation contain advertisement of my literary works. In one of the publication my name was cited as the editor/publisher. This was probably done with a motive to exploit my reputation as writer but since my prior consent was not taken, I took exception. The present publication in question also came to my notice. As a poet myself I do not approve the theme or the language of the poem of Malay Roychoudhury captioned Prachanda Boidyutik Chhutar  (  প্রচণ্ড বৈদ্যুতিক ছুতার   ). I have severed all connections with Hungry Generation. I had correspondence with Malay Roychoudhury who often sought my advise in literary matters.

(  Sandipan Chattopadhyay was not named in the FIR lodged on 2nd September 1964.  He volunteered to become a police witness against the movement and submitted this statement later in 1965. He has never clarified as to why he became a prosecution witness ; who in the Establishment forced him or lured him for a quid pro quo ).



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